How It Works


The Random Hacks subscription is a monthly, limited edition subscription created with makers and tinkerers in mind. The subscriptions deliver materials to make some of The King of Random's most popular projects, and they ship throughout the world!

Subscription pricing is dependent on the commitment level:

Note: Subscription orders shipping beyond the United States incur an additional $4 handling fee. 

In addition to the project kits, subscribers join a community of people building each month’s project. We encourage you to share what you build with #TKORCreator each month! Each month's project kit is available from the 8th through the end of the month, while supplies last. A new project kit is revealed each month on the 8th, prompted by a reveal email from The King of Random.


Subscribe now to be the first to hear which project will be delivered in the first project kit! All subscribers will be emailed notifying you of the reveal, a well as additional information about Add-Ons available for purchase!


Subscribers are able to purchase select Add-On items with their monthly subscription order.

On the 8th of each month, all subscribers receive an email directing you to the subscriber-exclusive interface, where you can view and select Add-On items available for purchase. Add-Ons selected by 11:59 pm ET on the 9th will be added to your monthly subscription shipment.  From that interface, you'll be able to select and remove Add-On products to your box (while supplies last) between 12:00 pm ET on the 8th to 11:59 pm ET on the 9th. Any Add-On items remaining in your box at 12:00 am ET on the 10th will be charged and shipped with the monthly kit subscription.  On the 10th of every month during your subscription, we'll collect payment of the base fee stated next to the level of commitment plus the cost of any selected Add-Ons. 

To put it simply, you may add or remove Add-On items freely during the selection period, but at 12:00 am ET on the 10th, any items remaining in your box will become your finalized selections and will be charged to your method of payment and included in your shipment. A pop-up box will remind you of this each month upon placing your first Add-On item in your box.


When do I need to subscribe in order to receive the next kit?

If you’re anxious to receive the next project kit we reveal, be sure to subscribe before 11:59 am ET on the 8th of the month. Your order must be finalized before the reveal takes place at 12:00 pm ET on the 8th of the month to guarantee that you'll receive the kit.

How do project Add-Ons work?

At 12:00 pm ET on the 8th of every month, a new Random Hacks kit will be revealed. All subscribers will have the opportunity to view and select Add-On items available for purchase and add them to their monthly subscription order. The selection period for Add-On items will be from 12:00 pm ET on the 8th through 11:59 pm ET on the 9th.  On the 6th of every month during your subscription, we'll collect payment of the base fee stated next to the level of commitment plus the cost of any selected Add-Ons. Please review your selected items in your box before the choosing period ends at 11:59 pm ET on the 5th.

What happens if I miss out on the selection period for Add-Ons or if the Add-On items sell out?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to manually add Add-On items to your order if they are not selected between 12:00 pm ET on the 8th through 11:59 pm ET on the 9th. Pending available inventory, customers may still purchase featured Add-Ons after the choosing period has ended. However, these items will be treated as a new order shipping separately.  The Add-On items are available while supplies last.

What will be available in the Add-Ons?

You’ll have the option to purchase from featured items that complement the Random Hacks project that month. These featured items will be a mix of new, coordinating products and shop staples. There is no limit on the quantity of each item you may purchase while supplies last. 

When will my credit/debit card be billed? 

Your credit/debit card will be billed on the 10th day of each month. 

I selected an Add-On item, but have since changed my mind. Can I cancel the selection? 

You may add, edit, or remove Add-On selections between 12:00 pm ET on the 8th and 11:59 pm ET on the 9th. After that time, any Add-On items placed in your order will be added to your monthly charge and your shipment. 

When will my kit be shipped? 

We will pack and ship all subscription orders, including any selected Add-On items, on the 10th of every month. In the case that the 10th of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or observed holiday, subscription orders will be packed and shipped on the next business day.

Will I be charged shipping on orders including the subscriber Add-On items? 

For all domestic orders, subscriptions will ship for free. Selected Add-Ons may incur additional shipping as marked. A $4 processing fee will be charged for each subscription order shipping outside of the United States. If subscribers purchase Add-On items after the choosing period has ended, those will be treated as a new order and will incur shipping fees. 

How does the subscription wait list work? 

If you have been placed on our wait list, all of our subscription spots are filled at that time. As soon as a spot becomes available, your subscription will begin with that newly-available kit. Please note: This means you may not receive that month’s kit—your subscription may start with a future theme/kit. Your account will be charged on the 10th of your first active month or when your subscription is activated from the wait list. During your first month, you will not be eligible to select Add-On items, given that your activation date will most likely fall outside of the Add-On selection window. However, you will be eligible in subsequent months as your subscription continues. 

What if I want to skip a month in my subscription? 

If you’d like to skip the next month’s subscription, you must do so by 11:59 pm ET on the day before reveal. To put it another way, you must choose to skip the next kit on or before the 7th.

What if I have more questions? 

We're happy to help! Start a conversation with our Customer Service team at any time. We strive to respond to conversations within 48 hours on business days. We'll answer all conversations in the order they are received. Please note that editing or updating your conversation will reset your wait time!